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Handmade Leather Bracelets

Luniko – the best leather goods that are handmade

The bracelet is a jewelry with an old centurieshistory.

We are Luniko company and we offer exclusive handmade products. Of course, bracelets are no exception. Right away, we would like to say that their creation is a very interesting and touching process, because bracelets considered to be the most ancient jewelry. Even ancient people during the Paleolithic made jewelry of this type. The oldest found bracelet was created in Siberia 40 thousand years ago from a polished dark green stone.

Our team feeling proud of this thought when they creating something with such a rich history.

As you know, only the best components can create a real masterpiece.

While working process we using only the best leather and high-quality metal elements made of medical steel or other metals that don’t cause allergic reactions.

All our handmade bracelets can be divided into three main groups:

For men

For women

Universal or unisex bracelets.

We are often asked how to choose the color of the bracelet? There is one classic rule. All accessories must be in the same color scheme. For example, a light brown bracelet will look good with a brown belt, purse or watch strap, or shoes. But there is one exception, it is better to combine black with black. With black shoes, black leather accessories will be the best choice. Of course, if you are not a supporter of classical approaches in the selection of wardrobe elements, then the color of jewelry doesn’t matter much. Choose what you like. Nothing matters! Emotions come to the fore. If they are positive, then the item is yours. Just take it.

Now about the size of the bracelets. Comfort and convenience are the main principle. Nothing should press and squeeze. This accessory should move freely around the wrist, but not fall off.

Whom should I present handmade bracelet to? The answer is to both – men and women. The occasion can be any significant event, not just a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. After all, a gift doesn’t always need a reason. In some cases, it is much more pleasant to receive an unexpected gift.

We will be glad if you choose handmade bracelets of our production.

Why to postpone joyful emotions for later? Make gifts right now!

Handmade Leather Bracelets Zestaw Portfel skórzany ręcznie robiony Bransoletka w prezentie