Leather key case for 6 keys – brown, handmade by Luniko


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category: key holders
colour: brown
hardware: brass buttons (YKK), 6 key locks
material: genuine leather (Italy)
leather type: Crazy Horse (matte vintage leather)
dimensions: 6 x 11 cm. ( 2.3 х 4.3 inch )
warranty: everlasting
manufacturing technology: Handmade


Leather key case for 6 keys – brown, handmade by Luniko

A leather key holder is a stylish and practical accessory that will solve this problem once and for all. With this accessory, your keys will always be safe and at hand.

It is easy to carry them in the bag, without fear that the keys can damage things. Thick leather will reliably protect things and become your friend.

The handmade brown leather six-key case with bronze key clasps is the perfect way to show someone that you care and want them to feel special. It is an excellent gift for any occasion, but especially on important days such as Christmas, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day. Here are some reasons why it makes an ideal present:

The leather material makes for a high-quality product that will last through a lot of wear and tear. This means it won’t get damaged easily, making your gift all the more special in terms of its longevity.

The classic colors of brown and bronze make this item timeless and stylish – whether your recipient wears plain tees or designer clothing items, he or she will appreciate the elegance of this case! Plus, since these colors don’t go out of style often (if ever!) your present can be used year after year!

Six-key cases might not seem like much at first glance – but they’re incredibly useful! They provide safe storage for both small items like keys; plus they help reduce clutter in bags so everything stays organized while on the go.

In conclusion, handmade brown leather six-key cases with bronze key clasps make great gifts because they are made with premium materials that are long lasting; their colors never go out of fashion; and their practicality alone makes them worth giving away to someone you really care about.

The handmade brown leather six-key case with bronze key clasps is the perfect gift for a man or woman for any occasion. This beautiful and unique piece of craftsmanship is not only stylish, but it also has practical purposes.

The leather used to create this case is 100% genuine, meaning that it’s durable and high quality which makes it perfect to protect your keys from wear and tear. The sturdy bronze key clasps ensure that your valuable items stay safe while they are inside the case. Furthermore, because of its classic color palette and rustic handcrafted styling, this item serves as a great conversation starter or an accent piece in any home or office space.

Finally, by giving someone such an exquisite item you’ll be able to make sure that your loved one feels special on their special day! It shows them how much thought you put into finding them a truly remarkable present which will last through all their adventures in life!

Leather key case for 6 keys – brown, handmade by Luniko!

Leather key case for 6 keys - brown, handmade by Luniko

Additional information

Dimensions 11 × 6 cm




genuine leather


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