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Седельный шов, ручная работа


We give a lifetime guarantee on the seams. Handmade wallets for men and women we made of high quality leather. The saddle seam which is manually fastened elements is considered to be the most reliable. This method of sewing has been used since ancient times. It is still used to create professional horse harness.

Pink women's handmade leather wallet by Luniko. Maritime Series


All women’s and men’s leather products are created according to the author’s patterns, which makes these items unique and inimitable. If to pay attention to the quality of execution, smooth neat seams which are handmade, there will be no doubt that each item from Luniko is a small artwork.

Luniko Covers for documents


We strive to create things that are convenient to use. In our collection you will find unique items. For example, high-capacity wallets where you can store your passport, credit cards, cash, and smartphone, or a leather passport cover with compartments for cards and cash. By purchasing the Luniko company’s products, you get the comfort and ease of use.

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