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Best Leather and Wooden Accessories by Luniko

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The category of handmade accessories made of wooden and genuine leather and of other high-quality materials includes various products that serve as decoration, help a person in everyday life and make life more pleasant and brighter.

For us as for the masters of Luniko, the manufacture of key chains, bracelets, key cases or glasses and other items is not just our job, but is an opportunity to create something truly unique.

This is a special feeling of the realization that you are creating a special bracelet or belt that exists on the planet in a single copy. Of course, you can find something similar, but never exactly like this. This is the peculiarity of genuine creativity and the specifics of handmade production.

In this section of our online store you can find:

Eyeglass cases
Covers for apartment keys
Bracelets for men
Bracelets for women
Wooden keychains
Leather keychains
Wooden bookmarks
Leather bookmarks
Leather tags for dogs and cats
Cutting Boards

All these leather or wooden accessories are handmade. We use the best materials, reliable accessories from the best manufacturers, natural high-quality accessories and the strongest threads.
Each product is designed and created by our Luniko designers.
We can confidently state that this is a guarantee of uniqueness and exclusivity for all our products. It is uniqueness and exclusivity that are very important when choosing a gift for a loved one.

Maybe you’re looking for something for a birthday or Christmas. But you don’t know what to present yet?

We offer something special! Wooden and leather accessories with personalized laser engraving! This modern method of engraving allows you to apply text, image and even a photo on leather products and other materials. A great opportunity to make an individual gift that will be filled with special meaning and sincere emotions.

If you want to order an individual engraving, write please  what exactly needs to be applied on the product in the order notes and our manager will contact you promptly. After that, we will develop a layout and after your approval, we will apply the necessary text or image.

In addition, of course, you can always write to us on our email

We are always glad to receive letters from our clients.
In addition, such items can be quite practical. For example, a leather case for apartment keys reliably protects pockets and a bag from fractures and mechanical damage, and a case for glasses will save lenses from scratches.

We are proud of our accessories and will be glad if you buy them for yourself or as a gift.

Best Leather and Wooden Accessories by Luniko!

Best Leather and Wooden Accessories made of wooden and genuine leather ➤Discounts up to 30% ➤➤➤ SHIPPING TO WORLDWIDE FOR ALL ITEMS