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Wallet for cards – leather cardholders. A stylish gift for a man and a woman.

We are Luniko company and we specialize in the manual production of high-quality leather products. In our store you can order wallets, purses, passport covers, apartment key cases, bracelets and much more. We strive to create user-friendly, beautiful things. Among them we pay special attention to thin wallets for plastic cards. All products of this type are sewn by our hands, made of high-quality leather. They fit comfortably in your pocket and don’t take up much space in your bag.
All leather accessories of this type can be divided into three categories:

Wallet for cards and paper money
Wallet for cards with a clip for banknotes
Wallet for plastic documents

Each of the variants has advantages:

A wallet for cards with a pocket for bills consists of two compartments, which allows you to store two cards and several bills folded. Alternatively, four plastic cards. It is very thin and almost invisible in the pocket of a suit, jeans, coat or jacket. It is ideal solution for an additional wallet in which you can store documents and cash.
A classic wallet with a clip for bills and pockets for plastic cards. It can have two or four pockets. In addition, we have a model with a button closure that locks the wallet closed. Perfect for daily use. It easily accommodates 4 – 8 plastic cards and about 15-20 bills. A very popular gift to husband for his anniversary or birthday. All products are equipped with a reliable brass spring clip.
Wallets for plastic documents. Forshowing your documents without taking them out of your wallet. These leather products consist of pockets with windows and are made in two versions. With transparent plastic protection and without plastic. We have noticed more than once when people were losing their identity card, driver’s license, id card. The main reason for the same troubles is that people were keeping important documents in a regular wallet among other plastic cards. We are sure that it is much more convenient and safer to store them separately. The ability to show the document simply by opening the wallet or without taking it out reduces the probability of losing it to zero.

For making a unique personal gift, you can order a laser engraving service in our store. This modern method of applying an image on the leather will allow you to write a name, a greeting quote, a logo or an image on any accessory of our production. During the order formation, it should be indicated in the notes that you want a personal engraving or write to us on our e-mail please. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible.

If your company is engaged in the issue of plastic cards, and you want to make a unique gift to employees or important customers, write to us. We will be glad to cooperatewith you.

A wallet for plastic cards with a personal engraving is a unique gift to your loved one.

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Wallet for cards – leather cardholders. A stylish gift for a man and a woman.

Leather cardholders Wallet for cards handmade cardholder is a good gift for man and woman on birthday and Christmas! Great price! Original gift!