Women's Wallet by Luniko!

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Women’s wallet by Luniko!

Women’s wallets and purses. A perfect gift for a woman.

Handmade wallets made from high quality genuine leather and strong threads are a much better quality than mass-produced wallets made in factories for many reasons.

To start, handmade leather goods have a certain prestige associated with them that you simply can’t get from factory-manufactured items. Handcrafted wallet designs often feature longer lasting materials such as full grain or top-grain cow hide, which are more durable and resistant to typical wear and tear than their less expensive alternatives.

The second reason why handmade wallets are of higher quality is because they often feature unique details not found in factory products – such as creative stitching patterns or special personalized engravings – which further adds to their value and appeal for all people who love leather goods. Plus, these extra touches add an even greater level of craftsmanship; producing vibrant colors or embossing intricate images into the surface requires a thorough knowledge of working with different types of leather.

In addition, when buying hand crafted products you know exactly where your money is going since most artisans work independently as opposed to large factories paying minimal wages under strict managerial regulations which may lead to shortcuts in production processes leading up to subpar results overall.

Women’s wallet by Luniko!

Handmade leather goods aren’t just of superior quality; they also add value through their unique design elements, luxury craftsmanship, versatility and personal touch. The luxurious feel of a handmade item is incomparable to factory made counterparts because you know that it takes skillful hands from an experienced artisan in order to bring your vision into life. Customized details like laser engravings on the leather surface gives you a sense of specialness when its related to personal items like wallets – each having its own character pattern makes it hard for knock offs in terms of authenticity as well as uniqueness which is why people tend to opt for personalized ones than anything else making them one-of-a kind pieces.. A wallet isn’t just limited to storing cards or money but act more like a statement piece reflecting personality while expressing individuality – something factory made products will never be able to do!

We are Luniko company and we strive to create unique items made of genuine leather. In our store, you can find handmade wallets and purses, key cases and plastic documents, bracelets and key rings, leather bookmarks for books, belts, card holders and other leather accessories. All our products are handmade. We are proud of the high quality and unique design of each item that you can order on line.

For ladies, we have created wallets and purses that will be a wonderful gift for any holiday.
In this section, you will find:

Handmade leather wallet for women with pockets for plastic cards, a compartment for paper money and a pocket for coins, which is securely fixed with a button closure.
Handmade wallet purse for women for travel and daily use. It can store a mobile phone, a passport, a large amount of bank and other plastic cards. In addition, there is a cash compartment and a coin pocket that closes with a zipper. When closed, the purse is fixed on the fastener buttons.
Handmade leather wallet for women that folds in half and is fixed with a button closure. It consists of a compartment for bills, two pockets for plastic and credit cards, a pocket with a coin clasp.
Pink leather wallet purse for women for travel and regular use. It has two pockets that can hold a passport and a mobile phone, or two passports. For example, a foreign passport of a mother and child. The wallet is equipped with six card pockets in which you can place your bankcards, plastic documents, a license to drive cars and so on.

Each of the wallets can be an exclusive gift for a lady.
We noticed that many people don’t like to choose a gift for a long time. In particular, for some men, the strategy of choosing “Saw, liked, bought” is more suitable. Perhaps the reason is a lack of time or unwillingness to experience stress during decision-making. After all, there is always some risk of not guessing with a gift. Especially a gift for the woman you love. For such situations, we offer a unique opportunity to personalize using laser engraving. A leather women’s wallet with an engraving is an opportunity to surprise, to show your feelings and to make a truly individual gift.

Write to us on our e-mail or in the notes and specify what text or imageand where youwould like to apply. We will quickly prepare the design and send it to you for your approval. For most models of women’s leather wallets, which are presented on this page, the placement of an engraving inside the product will be ideal. This won’t spoil the design and will allow you to make a unique gift to your beloved woman.

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Women’s wallet by Luniko!

The 50 personalized leather gift ideas for Mom for her birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day by Luniko! Order a gift now!! Women's wallet by Luniko! In our shop can be purchased unique purses and handmade wallets. They are made from Italian leather. High quality! Nice prices!