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Leather Key Cases Handmade Leather Key Holder

Covers for apartment keys. A beautiful leather accessory and a faithful assistant.

For our company Luniko, making high-quality leather accessories is a passion and a vocation, not just a business. We sincerely proud of our wallets, passport covers, eyeglass cases, card holders and other genuine leather products of the highest quality. Cases for apartment keys are no exception. You can store any keys in them, of course, for example from a village house, office, warehouse or any other room.

The main function of such a wallet is protecting bags and clothing pockets from mechanical damage by the sharp edges of keys and allows you to save time when searching for keys.

Moreover, such an item can be classified as original stylish gift.

Whom and when can I present a wallet case for keys?
Here are some ideas:

For a man or a woman for a birthday. This is a very good present for the anniversary. For example, for 30 or 40 or 50 years.
To a loved one for Christmas. Husband or wife, dad or mom, girlfriend or boyfriend will be incredibly happy with such a gift.
A case for apartment keys is the perfect housewarming gift. Moving to a new home is a very emotional process and such a gift will be very useful. After all, it combines beauty, originality and practicality.
A present to yourself. Yes, that’s right. You also need to make gifts for yourself. Especially if they are so stylish.
In addition, it is a great gift to a person who has everything.

If you want to give your gift a personality, then order a laser engraving on it. This feature is also available for a key wallet. If you want, we can put a name, a quote, an image or a congratulatory phrase on the product. Whatever you want. This modern method of processing leather products allows you to make a truly personalized gift from leather.

Perhaps you are looking for a corporate gift to partners or employees then we recommend paying attention to the wallet case for handmade keys. At your request, we can apply a logo, website address or contact information there.

If you are a real estate developer or real estate agent and want to make original gifts to customers – write to us. We have a special offer for you. We will be glad to cooperate.

A key wallet is an extraordinary gift. Order now! Why postpone this joy for later?

Leather Key Cases Handmade Custom Leather Key Holder

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