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We offer original passport cover and document holder handmade from genuine Italian leather, which will allow you to save your passport, ID card, driver’s license from mechanical damage. Each of these items will be a good gift for men and women who appreciate the beauty and elegance of high-quality leather accessories.
Document covers. Convenient accessories for daily use and traveling.
We are Luniko company and we strive to create beautiful and practical products made of high-quality genuine leather. All our wallets, document covers, passport covers, roomy wallets and other accessories are handmade sewn by hand. This allows you to create unique things that are reliable in use, beautiful and that most importantly that can serve the owner for many years. We are confident in the quality of our products and provide a lifetime guarantee on seams.

Reliability is a very important quality for items of regular frequent use.

These include covers for documents.
In our store, you can find:

Wallet cover for a foreign passport.
Covers for plastic documents.
Non-standard covers for documents.

Each of these items has a number of unique qualities.

Wallet cover for a foreign passport for traveling abroad; you can put your passport and 4-6 plastic cards in it. Hand-sewn their skins in different colors, which allows you to choose a gift for both a man and a woman. A very practical and convenient accessory that reliably protects the passport from its wear and mechanical damage. We would like to draw attention to the possibility of applying individual engraving both inside and outside the leather passport cover. At your request we can engrave a name, a wish or any other information. For example, a phone number or an e-mail address. In a case of loss of the passport, the finder will be able to contact the owner and return him his document. It’s incredibly convenient.
Covers for plastic documents. These leather accessories are available in two versions. For two and four plastic documents, among which there may be an identity card, a driver’s license, various passes and social cards. In such a cover, documents can be presented without taking them out. This is very convenient. The chance of losing an important document is minimized. As with the passport cover, we can personalize this leather accessory at the request of the client.
Non-standard covers for documents. Often certain documents can be made in non-standard sizes. In this case, original solutions are required. We are ready to make document and passport covers for any documents according to your individual order, even in small quantities. These can be certificates with a badge and an individual number. Various licenses, for example, for flying or for fishing. To discuss the details, please contact us by email.

Leather covers for documents and passports are not only an easy-to-use accessory, but also are an original gift. Sometimes there are times when you have to look for a present to a person who has everything. We are sure that among our products you can choose a unique gift for Christmas and Birthday.
Luniko – the best leather goods that are handmade!
Passport cover Document holder by Luniko!


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