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Wallets Purse by Luniko!

Handmade purses and wallets can be purchased in our shop. This is a high quality accessory made of real leather.

You’ll be able to choose something for yourself or as a birthday present.

What should I give to a husband, wife, and other loved ones? The original gift is a handmade purse or wallet.
Men’s different wallets. An exquisite gift for an elegant man.
Our companyLuniko makes handmade leather wallets for both women and men. In our assortment there are other accessories made of genuine leather of the highest quality. In our on-line store you can buy cases for a foreign passport, bracelets, key rings, bookmarks for books, cases for glasses and keys to an apartment or house, belts and much more.

Eachour product is distinguished by high manufacturing quality, reliability and unique design.
We offer exclusive leather accessories that are handmade:

Wallet for traveling. This handmade men’s leather wallet is hand-sewn from high-quality Italian leather. It has a zippered pocket where you can store coins, a mobile phone compartment, many card compartments and a separate pocket for a passport or for other documents. With such an amazing capacity, it remains slim and elegant. When folded, it is fixed with two fastener buttons. A wonderful gift for a man who has everything.
Handmade men’s leather wallet in a classic design. It has four compartments for plastic cards and one for banknotes.
Wallet made of genuine leather with a coin compartment with a clasp, two pockets for bank cards and a compartment for banknotes.
A wallet with a clasp and a compartment for bills, pockets for credit cards and a compartment for coins, which is securely closed with a clasp button.
Leather wallet for cards with a metal clip for bills. It can have two or four card pockets. Which is very slim and elegant. Takes up little space in the pocket of trousers or jeans. It’s almost invisible in the breast pocket of a jacket.
Wallet with laser engraving. In fact, we can turn any leather product into a unique personalized gift. In our store, you can pick up a gift for a person of a certain profession. For example, a sailor, a pilot, or a dentist. For someone who either has a special hobby or is fond of a certain sport. In particular, football, boxing or likes fishing. We have prepared many designs for wallets with personal engraving. In the section, you can get acquainted with our offer.

If you want to make an individual personal gift specify please what and where you want to write on the walletduring your checkout in the order notes. We will quickly prepare the layout and quickly engrave the wallet. Or contact us by e-mail and we will help you with choosing a solution. The laser engraving method allows you to put almost any text or image on a handmade men’s engraved leather wallet

We will be happy to help you make a unique gift!

Wallets Purse by Luniko!


Wallets Purse Personalized Custom Handmade Leather WalletWallets Purse Personalized Custom Handmade Leather Wallet