Wallets and key chains with engraving

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Personalized Custom Leather Wallet with Laser Engraving of Vrious Images, Photos, Wishes, Name or Your Logo. You Can Order an Individual Engraving.
Our Luniko company is specialized in the manual production of leather accessories. In the assortment of our store you will find wallets, document cases, key rings, passport covers, eyeglass cases, leather bookmarks for books and much more. Each our product is already unique, as it is cut and sewn by hand, without the use of sewing machines and other modern devices. We cherish the traditions of our ancestors, and use unique ancient methods of artistic leather processing. Choosing our products, you will get a beautiful and reliable thing that can please you for decades. We are so confident in the quality of our genuine leather products that we provide a lifetime guarantee on seams.

As you know, even in the Stone Age primitive people began to sew clothes, belts, bags from animal skins, and behind the opinion this period is considered to be the beginning of the leather goods production. From about that period, a person tries to make leather objects unique. Purses and bags, belts and bracelets were decorated with silver and gold, with precious stones. They were decorated with hand embroidery with multicolored threads. Images were applied by pressing or carving on the leather. All these efforts were united by a common goal – making the wallet unique, inimitable, one of a kind.

In recent years, technology has advanced far. The modern method of laser engraving leather products allows you to create incredible things.

Now you can put initials, a monogram, a photo or any other image on any leather accessory at your request.

Personalized Custom Leather Wallet with Laser Engraving of Vrious Images, Photos, Wishes, Name or Your Logo. You Can Order an Individual Engraving.


For ease of choice, we have prepared ready-made solutions and design ideas for wallets with engraving, key chains with engraving and other items:

Wallets with images of animals. It can be a purse with a cat, a dog of a special breed, a bird, a horse or another pet. This is a wonderful gift for a pet lover and for their owner. If you know that a person loves his four-legged friend very much, he will remember your gift for the rest of his life. You can order a personal engraving based on a photo.
Wallets for representatives of different professions. A perfect gift for a pilot, a trucker driver, a sailor or a teacher. You can choose a ready-made design that is associated with a particular profession. A wonderful gift for a birthday or any other holiday.
Wallets for sports fans. A good gift for a football fan, golfer or tennis player, runner or cyclist. We have prepared examples with ready-made designs for fans and athletes.
Wallets for people with different hobbies. Someone likes fishing, others hunting; someone likes hiking or riding a motorcycle etc. Everyone will be happy with a personal gift in the form of a wallet with an exclusive engraving.
Wallet as a gift to a car lover. Cars are an important part of our life and for many people they are a real hobby and even the meaning of their life. If you know that a person is passionate about a certain brand of car, or a car manufacturer, we will be happy to put the logo of your favorite car brand or its image on the wallet.


Personalized Custom Leather Wallet by Luniko!

Wallet with an engraving of the zodiac sign. If you are looking for a birthday gift, then a wallet with an engraving of one or another zodiac sign will be very appropriate. An unmistakable decision in choosing a gift for a man who has everything.
Wallets with name engraving. The name for each of us is not just a set of letters. This is significantly more. Fate maybe. The closest and most personal combination of sounds. Order a personal wallet with an engraved name as a gift. Perfect gift for Birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.
Wallet with a monogram or a family coat of arms. Many families are proud of their history and have a family coat of arms and a monogram. We can make a wallet with such a unique engraving. Moreover, if there is no monogram yet, we are ready to develop it for you and your family and put it on the selected wallet model.
Wallet with a photo. Perhaps it is the most personalized gift. Almost any picture can be engraved on the wallet. If you have a favorite family photo, a picture with a big fish, a faithful dog, or just a memorable image from a cool trip. All this can be engraved on your wallet. A wallet with a photo is the best personal leather gift.
Wallet with a logo. If you want to make a gift to partners, customers, employees, we are ready for you a batch of wallets engraved with your company’s logo, website address or with any other information.
Wallet with a greeting or with other text. We can put any text on any part of the wallet. It can be a favorite phrase from a movie, a saying, the name of a song or just a wish.
Wallet with initials. One of the most popular gifts. It is suitable for both men and women. At your request, we will apply the first letters of the name and surname of the person to whom you want to make a gift and we will apply it either outside or inside the wallet.
Wallet with a personal engraving and hand-written text. If you want to write a birthday greeting on your wallet manually, it will be enough to write it by your hand on white paper with contrasting black or dark blue ink and take a picture on your phone or scan it and send it to us by e-mail. We will transfer your congratulations exactly to any part of the wallet.
Wallet with an engraving according to the customer’s layout. You can provide your image or text, or a ready-made visual project. We will adapt it for transfer to natural leather and make personal laser engraving according to your layout.
Wallet with text inside. If desired, we can make exclusive laser engraving inside the wallet. It can be congratulations, wishes or any other text. You can combine all of the above personalization methods with this. In this case, you will get a unique gift with an individual design. Perhaps you would like to add a personal engraving only inside the selected personalized leather product and then you will present a high-quality handmade leather wallet with a personal engraving that will not attract attention, but at the same time it will allow you to make a very personal unique gift.

If you want to decorate your wallet with a personal engraving, contact us via email, or specify exactly what you need to write or draw on the wallet in the order notes. We will contact you promptly and discuss the details of the project implementation.

If there is perfect gift in the world, it is exactly a personalizedhandmade leather wallet with a personal laser engraving. Order now and get worldwide shipping!

Personalized Custom Leather Wallet with Laser Engraving of Vrious Images, Photos, Wishes, Name or Your Logo. You Can Order an Individual Engraving.

Personalized Custom Leather Wallet with Laser Engraving of Vrious Images, Photos, Wishes, Name or Your Logo. You Can Order an Individual Engraving.