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Wallets with Money clips by Luniko!

We are Luniko company and we sew handmade wallets. This method of production allows you to make truly unique leather accessories. We use the highest quality natural leather, the strongest threads and sew all the elements of wallets, purses, document covers and other leather products with our hands. This allows us to guarantee you the high quality and unique design of all leather haberdashery of our production.
In the course of our work, we realized that people are:
Those who like roomy wallets and purses. For them we have travel wallets in our assortment. They can accommodate a passport, a mobile phone, a lot of plastic cards, a stock of paper money and a large amount of coins. With such an amazing capacity, the travel wallet looks elegant.

Those who appreciate thin compact wallets. Then leather wallets with a clip for paper money are ideal for them. This compact leather product can accommodate several plastic cards and 15-20 bills of different sizes and denominations.
Here are the main advantages of a wallet with a money clips:

This is a very thin leather wallet. Perhaps one of the thinnest that can be found on sale. When folded, its thickness is 5-7 millimeters. This parameter may vary depending on the number of card pockets. There are two or four of them.
Removable metal clip for paper money. This element securely fixes the bills. In our products we use the highest quality accessories from world manufacturers.
Original progressive design. This wallet with a money clip for paper money is noticeably different from classic ones. It takes up little space in the pocket of a suit or jeans. It looks very impressive in the hands.m
We recommend thespecial wallet to those who are used to paying at the checkout using a smartphone. Even if all bankcards are synchronized with a mobile device, there is a risk that the terminal won’t work in the store, and real money will be needed. At the result the phone may run out of battery, you can forget it or can lose it. For such situations, it is better to have plastic bank cards and some amount of cash. They are very convenient to carry with you in a card pouch with a metal clip for bills.

If you want to make an original gift to your loved one, choose a leather wallet with a metal clip for paper money. In the assortment of our store there are wallets with various engravings. Here you can pick up a gift for a fan of football or golf, for bearded man and a lover of traveling. And of course you can always order a personal laser engraving. This method allows you to apply a monogram, name, phrase or image to any wallet. A leather card wallet for cards with a metal clip and a personal laser engraving is the perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas.

Wallets with Money clips by Luniko!

handmade wallet with money clip Wallets with money clips. If you want to make an original gift to your loved one, choose a leather wallet with a metal clip!