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Wood Coasters Set Wood Slices Cute Coasters, Custom Names – Date Engraved Natural Wood. Wedding or Anniversary or Housewarming Gift  – Personalized Drink Coasters

We are company Luniko and we specialize in the handmade leather and wood products.

In the assortment of our online store you can find handmade leather wallets and purses, document covers, leather and wooden key rings of various shapes, cases for keys to an apartment or house, bracelets, wood or leather bookmarks and much more. We can decorate most of our products with personal engraving at the request of the client.

This is a great chance to present a unique gift to your loved one.

We would like to pay special attention to the drink coasters. This element of the interior is very practical, because it protects the surfaces of the table or tablecloth from stains. Beautiful coasters for mugs and glasses with an original pattern can be a real decoration of your kitchen or dining room.

Wood Coasters Set. Engraved Drink Custom Coasters

You can buy in our store:

Drink coasters made of natural wood in rustic (rural/village) style. They are made by cutting a real, untreated trunk or branches. Bark, knots remain on the mand each such coasters has a unique uneven shape. All the cuts are perfectly polished. The wood is impregnated with an environmentally friendly solution based on beeswax and flax oil. After impregnation, the product is dried for a week, and then the cut place is additionally treated with a natural colorless water-based varnish. Such wooden coasters for glasses and goblets can be washed under the tap. There are no stains from spilled liquids on them. They look very natural.
Drink coasters made of solid polished wood. We offer round and square coasters for mugs or glasses. Each product is impregnated with a protective solution based on wax and seed oil. After such processing, coasters are covered with a natural water-based varnish. They can be washed by hand with a soft sponge. It’s not allowed to wash them in dishwashers. Pay attention to this please.
Round and square shaped leather beverage coasters. These beautiful coasters of different colors made of thick genuine leather. They take up little space and are very durable and environmentally friendly. The leather is impregnated with a special lotion based on palm wax, which increases the water-repellent qualities of the leather.
Sets of wooden coasters for mugs and glasses. The set includes a wooden box and four wooden coasters. A perfect gift for Christmas, housewarming or birthday.

At the request of the client, we can decorate each drink coasters with a unique personal laser engraving. This is a great opportunity to make an unusual gift that will appeal to the majority of people.

When to present beverage coasters? For almost any holiday or important event:

Wooden coasters with an engraving of the favorite fish are suitable for a fisherman.

The pilot will surely like the leather coasters with the image of an airplane.

Grandparents will be happy to receive a gift with congratulations from their grandchildren.

For a wedding, you can present a set of leather and wooden drink coasters with the names and surnames of the newlyweds.

A gift to a man who has everything. It will be enough to decorate the coasters with his portrait. It’s difficult to find a more original gift.

This list can be continued for a very long time.

The laser engraving method is unique in the way it allows you to apply any text, image, and even a photo on a wood. This opens up limitless possibilities for creating personal gifts.

Relatively low cost and genuine originality make coasters for mugs and glasses an excellent solution, both for private and corporate clients.

If you are an entrepreneur or the head of a company and want to make a gift to your employees or partners for Christmas or the birthday of the company, we recommend paying attention to the beverage coasters with engraving. At your request, we can apply the company logo and any other information.

Buying wooden and leather drink coasters for glasses and goblets you are guaranteed getting eco-friendly and unique products that can be further personalized with laser engraving.

Wood coasters make an absolutely stunning personalized gift for weddings, anniversaries, or housewarmings. Not only are they practical, but having the custom names and date of a special occasion engraved onto natural wood is incredibly meaningful. This thoughtful gesture will surely be remembered by the recipient.

The classic look of a wooden coaster brings an old-world charm to any home decor. They can be displayed as part of existing art on the walls or used in everyday drinking routines to add a special touch. The options with wooden coasters are endless – you can choose from beautiful shapes like circles or opt for more elaborate designs depending on your preference!

What makes wood coasters set wood slices so unique is that they are completely customizable according to whatever design you have in mind! You can personalize them with words, dates, logos – anything you want! This makes it far easier to find something truly unique and personalised when making your purchase – something that won’t just be forgotten after time passes by like many other gifts typically do.

To top it all off, these cute coasters made out of natural wood make an environmentally conscious gift too! Wooden products leave a much smaller carbon footprint compared to plastic ones and play their part in preserving our planet for future generations. So not only are thesecoasters cutely designed; but also eco-friendly which adds even more value onto them as gifts!

Wood Coasters Set Wood Slices Cute Coasters, Custom Names – Date Engraved Natural Wood. Wedding or Anniversary or Housewarming Gift – Personalized Drink Coasters A wonderful gift for both men and women.

Wood Coasters Set Wood Slices Cute Coasters, Custom Names - Date Engraved Natural Wood. Wedding or Anniversary or Housewarming Gift - Personalized Drink Coasters A wonderful gift for both men and women.