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Leather keychain is the perfect gift and the best business souvenir!

We are Luniko company and we are specialized in handmade leather products. It’s very important for us to make eco-products, so we refused using glues. Our assortment includes high-quality wallets, document covers, key cases, belts and, of course, genuine handmade leather keychains. These products really make us feeling proud. In fact, we use the best Italian leather and the most reliable metal elements. For dogs and cats, as well as for their owners, we have made a special present. Personalized leather tags to the collar with laser engraving.
These leather accessories are made in different colors and formats, but there is a common element that makes them unique. It is the possibility of applying texts and images by laser engraving. This function opens up great opportunities for creativity
You can order:
1. Key rings for all family members with their names. Now everyone will know where and whose keys.

2. Leather keychain with a phone number. If you suddenly lose your keys, the finder will be able to contact you.

3. Handmade leather keychain with the company name. Security or reception staff will be able to find the right keys quickly.

4. Handmade keychain with thetitle “country house” and the same with the title “apartment”. Now you will definitely not be confused, and you will not have to return to the apartment for the keys to your country house.

The list of convenient functions of this leather accessory with a personal engraving can be used for a very long time. Anything from a declaration of love to cosmic coordinates can be written or drawn on leather keyrings from Luniko!

Many companies strive to make a gift to customers and partners. We are sure that a high-quality handmade leather keychain is an ideal business souvenir.
What is usually given?
Pens and mugs with a logo, branded calendars or datebooks. All these items have an expiration date, for example, a calendar or a diary will be useful for only one year only. The pen can get lost and become useless when it runs out of ink. The mug is very fragile and easy to break.
A high-quality handmade leather keychain has a lack of all these disadvantages. It can serve forever, it is used every day. Leather keychain can be an ideal carrier of corporate information, such as a company logo or website address and other contact info’s.
If you want to order handmade leather keychain with a personal engraving, indicate this product in the notes please or write to us by e-mail. luniko.handmade@gmail.com

For yourself, as a personal or corporate gift, handmade leather keychains from Luniko are reliable and convenient accessories. Order them now!
You will definitely be satisfied!

Leather keychain is the perfect gift and the best business souvenir!

Leather keychain is the perfect gift and the best business souvenir!