Men's Сustom Wallet

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Men’s Сustom Wallet by Luniko!

Handmade (Custom) wallets. A reliable and beautiful leather accessory and a great gift!

We are Luniko Company and we produce various leather Handmade (Custom) accessories. In the assortment of our online store, you can find covers for documents, key rings for houses and apartments, card holders, bookmarks for books, eyeglass cases, belts and housekeepers. All these Handmade (Custom) products made immaculately from the best leather. The largest part in the production of our company is occupied by Handmade (Custom) leather wallets and purses. Each such wallet is designed, cut and sewn by hand. That allows you to create exclusive things close to the ideal.
Here are a few arguments in favor of choosing a Handmade (Custom) wallet or purse:

The high quality of the leather used. It is simply impossible to sew a good product from bad leather by hand. Too thin leather will break; thick leather won’t be flexible enough. Italian crazy horse leather is ideal for most of our works. This is the highest quality material available on the market.
All elements of the Handmade (Custom) wallet are sewn with a special very reliable saddle seam. This method of stitching has been used for many years in the production of horse harnesses and riding equipment. As you know, the horse is a very strong animal and the reliability of all elements is in the first place. We give a lifetime guarantee on seams!
Beauty and unique design. We are into reasonable minimalism in the course of product design. At the same time, many our products are decorated with emotional popular patterns in the form of a compass, a wind rose, an anchor, a sailboat, etc. This allows you to combine classic design with modernity. Our Handmade (Custom) leather wallets and purses go equally well with a business suit and jeans.
The possibility of personalization. If you want to make a unique gift, we can engrave a text or image on any part of the wallet. The modern method of laser engraving opens up wide opportunities for creating individual and one-of-a-kind gifts.
Vintage style. Over time and whileusing the leather will be ripen. A unique pattern of scuffs and bends will appear on the wallet. During this process, each Handmade (Custom) leather accessory acquires an exquisite design.
The joy of owning a unique thing. This emotional component is so lacking in our difficult times. In our lives, we are less likely into products made of natural materials, and more into plastic. Leather Handmade (Custom)wallets and purses are filled with natural energy and love of the creator who sewed them.
Environmental friendliness. In the course of our production we almost don’t use electricity. Almost all components of the products are biodegradable. In addition, the most important argument is that our wallets serve a very long time. Maybe 40 – 60 years. If you buy a quality leather product once, you won’t need to look for its replacement for many years. And this means that you will save more biological resources on our planet.

We are sure that by choosing our Luniko products, you will be able to make a great gift for yourself or a loved one!

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Men’s Сustom Wallet by Luniko!