Universal custom brown leather wallet with clasp and coin compartment
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Five arguments in favor of handmade wallets

Five arguments in favor of handmade wallets. (by Luniko)

As you know, there are many different wallets – from very cheap to incredibly expensive ones.

We divide them into two groups:

  • Mass-produced wallets.
  • Wallets that are made manually.

The first group includes all products that use sewing machines in their production. It does not matter whether it is a cheap wallet from China or an expensive one from a famous brand. In any case, it will be worse than what was sewn by hand.

And here is why:

  1. The quality of the leather. For handmade wallet the highest quality of leather is chosen. You can’t work with bad leather. During the assembly of the wallet, holes are made in the leather beforehand, it is difficult to make them in too rough leather, bad leather will tear. The choice is always in favor of quality.
  2. The quality of the threads. Most manufacturers use the best threads, which are treated with wax before stitching. This increases the reliability of the seam.
  3. Many of the masters, who work with leather, use saddle stitch. It is much more reliable than the machine one. You can read more about this by clicking on this link.
  4. Uniqueness. If you bought a handmade leather wallet, you are guaranteed to get a unique item. Such leather accessories cannot be made on an industrial scale.
  5. Reliability. We constantly are using the wallet in hot and cold weather. Many times a day, we bending and unbending it. Touching with our wet hands. If you have a lot of cards or coins in your wallet, the leather and seams are under extra pressure. This is why the wallet must be of high quality. Even the most famous brands cannot guarantee stable operation of their products for more than 3 years. We, Luniko company, give a lifetime warranty on seams. The high-quality leather from which our products are made is treated with a special solution based on palm wax. This makes it reliable, soft and increases the time of use for an unlimited period.

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Five arguments in favor of handmade wallets. (by Luniko)