Wooden Bookmarks

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Wooden bookmarks. An original gift for a reader.

We are company Luniko and we are proud of the opportunity to produce products from natural materials. Primarily made of leather and wood.
In our assortment, you can find wooden key rings with laser engraving, unique coasters for drinks, personalized wood bookmarks, cutting boards of different shapes and sizes, jewelry boxes and much more. Each of these items is an opportunity of making an original gift to a man or a woman, which can be decorated with a personalized engraving. All items are handmade from natural wood.

Whom can I present a wooden bookmark with a personalized engraving to?
As an example, a small list of those who will definitely like this unique gift.
1. A wood bookmarks with a quote from a favorite literary work will appeal to a connoisseur of fiction.

2. The teacher will be glad to receive a wooden bookmark with words of gratitude from pupils and students.

3. Lawyers and representatives of other professions are forced to regularly read specialized literature. In this case, a wooden bookmark with an engraving can be a great business gift if you put contact information about your company on it.

4. As you know, the Bible is the most widely read book in the world. And not only priests read it. Such a gift will be suitable to a person who studies the Holy Scriptures – a wood bookmark with a quote from the Bible

5. Students are forced to read a lot during their studies. Exams are always a lot of stress. For many, the support of loved ones at this time is very important. A bookmark with a family photo and an encouraging motivating phrase will evoke positive emotions. By making such a gift, you will show your care.

6. Many women keep recipe books in their library. A personalized wooden bookmark with laser engraving will be a valuable gift to your wife, mother or grandmother.

7. A gift for a child who is learning to read. According to child psychologists, during this period it is very important to show that the book has value and deserves careful treatment. A wooden bookmark with Harry Potter or another favorite character from children’s books or comics will be a wonderful gift not only for a birthday, but also as an encouragement for the love of reading. This is very important for the further development of a small person.

8. A gift to a person who has a hobby. If a person is very passionate about something, he will have a lot of literature about his hobbies. In a lover of traveling, you can often see a collection of guidebooks, a dog owner has an atlas of breeds and training books, a fisherman you will notice a selection of fishing magazines and other literature on this topic in his bookshelf. Give a personalized a wooden bookmark with an engraving on the theme of his hobby, and you will definitely win.
Custom Wood Bookmarks
At your request, we will put initials, motivating or any other phrase, monogram or photo on the finished product. In addition, we can produce products of almost any shape. For example, in the form of your company’s logo and so on. During the registration process, you need to write in the order notes that you want a personal engraving, and our manager will promptly contact you by e-mail to coordinate the design layout. Alternatively, write to us luniko.handmade@gmail.com
We will also be glad to cooperate with publishers and bookstores. Contact us. We have a special offer for you.
A wooden bookmark with engraving is a wonderful and affordable gift that will suit almost to everyone. Order now!

Wooden bookmarks. An original gift for a reader.

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