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Types of wallets

Types of wallets (by Luniko)

In order to avoid being accused of sexism, in this article we will not deliberately divide wallets into men’s and women’s.

Each type has a number of functional features that can be useful to anyone. It all depends on the way you carry your wallet and your personal preferences.

  1. Breast wallet is a classic vertical wallet for a chest pocket or bag. This type of wallet has the shape of a rectangle and opens like a book. It is convenient to carry it in the breast pocket of your outerwear. It is subtle and inconspicuous. Modern wallets of this format have a compartment for cards and bills that are stored without bending. In advanced models, in addition to the above, there will be a coin compartment. You can place paper money, coins, plastic cards, and even a smartphone in our wallet! You can buy breast wallet by clicking on this link =>>>.
Burgundy leather handmade wallet by Luniko. Maritime Series
  1. Bi-fold wallet is a popular wallet in the form of a square. When unfolded, it is a rectangle that is folded in half in the center. The compact size allows you to carry it in the pocket of jeans, trousers, jacket and even sportswear. Most wallets of this format have a compartment for paper money, a pocket for coins, and several compartments for plastic cards.

Depending on the number of compartments, it can be quite voluminous. Our products do not have this problem.

Despite the large capacity, they are very compact.

For you:

  • three compartments for bank cards or business cards,
  • large coin pocket with secure closure
  • spacious compartment for bills.

By clicking on this link =>>>, you can buy a handmade Italian leather wallet in Bi-fold wallet format.

We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the design and quality of leather products from Luniko!

Types of wallets (by Luniko)

Dark blue handmade leather wallet with coin pocket by Luniko
  1. Tri-fold wallet – when unfolded, has the shape of a rectangle that folds three times. It is very spacious, but also very large. As a rule, it is equipped with two compartments for paper money and many compartments for plastic cards. Often it has a pocket for coins. The perfect solution for those who like to carry a driver’s license, ID, bank and discount cards, and a large supply of cash.


Handmade red wallet
  1. Card holder is the wallet for plastic cards and business cards.

It is possible to place:

  • Bank card
  • Personal ID (ID card)
  • Driver’s license)
  • Student ID card (Campus card )
  • A subscription to a fitness club (Gym membership)
  • Residence permition
  • Discount cards

…. etc

By clicking this link =>>>, you can buy an original handmade card holder made of genuine leather from Luniko.

  1. Front pocket wallet is the wallet for cards, which is equipped with a compartment or clip for paper money. It is optimal for those who appreciate roominess and compactness.

We offer a unique solution where you can place about 20 bills and 12 cards. Here you can buy a handmade leather wallet with a secure bill lock and four compartments for plastic cards.

6. Wallet for documents

is a special wallet for documents.

There are two types:

  • Passport cover with a compartment for plastic cards and paper money.
  • Wallet book for documents that are shaped like plastic cards.

Luniko’s range of leather products includes both of these solutions.

By clicking this link =>>> you can buy a leather passport cover made of Italian leather with compartments for passports, bills and plastic cards.

Wallets for documents of our production have 4 compartments and are equipped with plastic windows. This allows you to use them without taking them out. Follow this link if you want to order a leather wallet for documents made of genuine Italian leather.

Обложка для паспорта Паруса — коричневая

7. Clutch (traveler) – is a large size Breast wallet.

It is equipped with a variety of compartments where you can store:

  • Bank cards,
  • driver’s license,
  • passport,
  • ID card
  • cash
  • .. and many other documents

It is often equipped with a zipper and a special strap to wear it on your hand.

Clutch (traveler) black

8. Money clip – is a clip for paper money. A mechanical device that can be made in the form of clips, clothespins, paper clips etc.. It is made of metal or other durable material.


Types of wallets (by Luniko)