Как выбрать кошелек
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How to choose a wallet?

How to choose a wallet? (by Luniko)

Regardless of whether you choose a wallet for yourself or want to present it to a loved one.

When choosing this accessory, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • What emotions your wallet evokes when you hold it in your hands or look at picture.
  • Reliability of the material from which it is made.
  • Workmanship
  • The type and size of the wallet.

For a start, you should like your wallet. Hold it in your hands. Carefully review the pics if the purchase is online. You should feel positive emotions when you see this accessory. 

The most reliable wallets are made of genuine leather and sewn by hand. The main reason is that when manually assembling leather products, a special saddle stitch of increased strength is used. More information about the differences between different seams can be found at this link =>>>. If you are buying a wallet offline, it may be useful to learn how to distinguish natural leather from artificial leather by clicking this link =>>>

Седельный шов, ручная работа

But what if the purchase is made online?

Here are some simple tips on how to distinguish a high-quality wallet from a low-quality one based on pics:

  1. Real leather wallets don’t have a lining. This element is used to hide the fabric base of artificial leather, which does not last long. Functionally, the lining is not needed.
  2. There are stitches hidden in the wallet. A sure sign that the manufacturer has something to hide. In genuine leather products, all seams are open.
  3. The seam is made on a sewing machine. If the seams on the pic look the same as on your regular clothes, they are smooth and very symmetrical, this is probably a machine seam. This method of stitching elements is a weak link in the wallet design. In the machine seam, the load falls on the threads that rest against each other. One seam will break, the whole wallet will fall apart.

If you find at least one of the signs listed above on the pic, it is better to avoid buying, because there is a high probability that you are looking at a low-quality item.

как сшить кошелек

If you want to get a quality wallet, take one that looks neatly. It will bring long pleasure to its owner. As in any business, the more experienced the master is, the better he does his work. If the seams look even and symmetrical, it means that you have a high-quality item in front of you. The person who created it is a great expert in his field. You can trust him.


It is very important when choosing a handmade leather wallet made of genuine leather to think about how it will be used:

If a person prefers business suits, or carries a wallet in a bag, then you can choose a roomy vertical wallet of the Breast Wallet type. For more information about what wallet formats are available, follow this link.

In some cases, for example, if a person prefers free or sporty style, you can consider the option of a handmade leather wallet in the shape of a square.

If you like original things and prefer to pay with a bank card, you can consider a handmade leather wallet with a holder for bills.


Do you need a coin compartment in your wallet? It all depends on how much they participate in the use of money in your country. If coins are used frequently, then the compartment for small change should be mandatory. Who would not say anything, but change in the pockets spoils the clothes.

One universal large wallet is not always better than several specialized ones. In some cases, it is more convenient to have a separate card holder for personal documents with transparent plastic windows and a compact square wallet for other things.

You can use this link =>>> to buy a handmade leather wallet of the highest quality!

How to choose a wallet? (by Luniko)